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‘Tis the Season! Helpful Tips for Coping with the Holidays

Here at Bravado Designs we recently had the good fortune— and fun— of hosting the Holiday Baby Twitter Party in which moms across the country logged on to chat about the challenges they face during the holidays. Hosted by our bloggers from The Bravado Breastfeeding Diaries, Intimate Tales of Motherhood - the conversation ran the gamut: from travel difficulties, to breastfeeding at holiday gatherings, to keeping baby on schedule amidst the chaos, to the joys of family “support.”

Thanks to everyone that participated, the Holiday Baby Twitter Party proved to be a powerful exchange of information, ideas and tried and true tactics for navigating the holidays with your little one. The conversation was candid, quick and rich with great insider insights for new and experienced Mamas alike.

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from the event:

Finding space and privacy to nurse while traveling can be tricky, especially on a plane or bus where seating is tight. 

While many participants said they “powered through” in-flight nursing sessions, others chose to give baby pumped breast milk in a bottle and still others avoided flying altogether. Helpful tips that came out of the chat:

  • Travel with your spouse/friend/family member to help “shield” you from nosey passengers. If you are travelling alone, keep an eye out for helpful “grandma”-type passengers who are often very willing to lend a hand.
  • Wear a nursing tank with a hoodie over it for maximum discretion while breastfeeding.
  • Plan flights around baby’s feedings. Remember that a nursing baby is a happy baby…a little extra planning will go a long way for both baby and fellow passengers!
  • Search out quiet places to nurse prior to boarding the plane. Many airports now offer nursing rooms.

It’s difficult to maintain baby’s schedule amidst the holiday chaos

  • Between holiday preparations, long family dinners and a house full of guests – it’s easy to get off schedule. For many, going off schedule often leads to a cranky baby…which leads to a cranky mama. So how do you maintain some semblance of sanity during this most wonderful time of year?  Some of our favorite solutions tweeted out during the event:
  • Enlist spouse/family members to help with preparations so you can tend to your baby
  • Schedule mom and baby “time-outs” in another room to nurse, reconnect and de-stress.
  • Know when to say no…try not to schedule too many holiday events during a short period of time. If over-scheduling in unavoidable, be sure to take nursing “breaks” outside your holiday event.

For some reason, the holiday table is always ripe with opportunity to give and receive unsolicited parenting advice.

How to deal with the litany of opinions from family members was a hot topic during our Twitter Party! Whether your parents think your baby/toddler is too old to nurse, your grandmother isn’t supportive of breastfeeding or your husband is uncomfortable with you nursing in the midst of company-- the advice often comes at moms from multiple directions. While being on the receiving end of this advice can be frustrating and even maddening…the unwavering consensus from all of our participants: trust your instincts and remain confident in your parenting expertise. Strategies and responses to unwanted advice included:

  • Lay down your “house” rules
  • Employ the nod/smile/ignore technique
  • Arm yourself with a few humorous comebacks to diffuse the situation

The bottom line: do what’s best for you and your baby and know that the holidays will soon be behind you!