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Birth Story

November 17, 2011. A day that almost everyone will have forgotten is one I will never forget. It was on that day that my birth plan went out the window and two most beautiful babies entered my life.

My husband and I had been trying for more than three years to get pregnant and I had never felt the excitement of getting a positive pregnancy test.

Not only was I pregnant, but I was pregnant with twins! We were thrilled.  There were many appointments that followed: midwife and OB. We did not find out the babies’ genders.

My belly was growing by leaps and bounds.

On November 17, 2011, at 33 weeks, my water broke.  I was so scared for my babies. Everything had been going accordingly and I had a birth plan set (natural, only drugs if I felt like I needed them, babies on my chest after birth, cords not cut immediately, breastfeeding within hours).  Things were suddenly out of my control.

Off we went to the hospital.  There was no time to get our overnight bag, camera or phone chargers.  Once admitted, an OB and nurse (yup, the plan to have a midwife also went out the window) set me up to be monitored.   The OB confirmed that we were going to have a c-section.  There goes the plan to have a photographer in the delivery room with us. (My husband is a wonderful photographer, but I wanted him to be focused on me and the babies and not taking pictures.)

My husband had to wait in the hallway for 40 minutes while they prepared me.  The last thing the staff did before bringing him in, was pick up my iPhone from a docking station they had found to charge the phone and camera. At least that way we’d have some pictures of the most important day of our lives.

Our son was born first, and then what seemed like a long time later but was only two minutes, our daughter was born.

My husband went over to each of them and took video. He got to cut the umbilical cord of our daughter. He got to hold their hands and reassure them that everything would be ok. There were lots of tears.

The babies got swaddled up and brought over to me. If you’ve ever seen a woman in the c-section pose – I call it the Jesus pose – you know it’s nearly impossible to hold them, but I tried. We got our first family photo and off the babies went to the NICU.

We decided in our birth plan not to tell anyone I went into labor because I didn’t want to feel pressured to update people with how things were going.  We decided we would make an announcement after the babies were born.

They were beautiful and perfect.

When I first put them to my breast they attempted to feed. The nurses were amazed considering they were so premature. But these were my babies and they were determined. Within a few days they were breastfeeding champions.

Everything turned out perfect, even if my birth plan went out the window.