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Valentine's Day

Before my babies were born, I knew what love was. I had been married to my husband for eight years and we have a wonderful relationship. In addition, I have a tremendous family and great friends. Plus I have a black lab who loves me unconditionally.

But when my twins were born, I learned about a new kind of love. A love that a mother has with her children. A love that envelopes you and takes you to far off lands without leaving your living room. A love that melts all the worries and concerns away.

While feeding my babies I examine their fingers and eyes and hair. I talk softly with them and share secrets and tell them how much I love them and will do my best to never let anything hurt them. I talk about the adventures we will have as a family. And I wonder out loud what they will be when they grow up.

This Valentine’s Day I have a whole new understanding of love, and we will be celebrating it together as a happy family of four. We won’t be doing anything extravagant, and it will likely be like most days we have together. But I will spend a few extra minutes telling them how much I love them and can’t imagine my life without them.

What is love to you? How do you show your children you love them?