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Seven Month Milestones

Before I had children I’d laugh when people would say that kids grow up so fast. But now that I have two of my own, I understand completely what they meant.

It seems like just days ago my husband and I were making multiple trips a day to the NICU to visit our newborns. Now, I’m trying to corral them like kittens.

Just the other day I put my daughter on a blanket on the floor. I walked away for 30 seconds and when I came back she had rolled her way off the blanket and over to the dog’s bed.

My son, who has always been the pensive thinker, is now telling all sorts of “stories” and blow raspberries.

All of this is adorable, and I love seeing what they’re going to do next. I almost expect them to start talking and walking after waking from a nap the changes happen so quickly.

But at the same time, I don’t want to rush it. I have started to come out of the haze of sleepless nights and constant feedings, and it feels great. But it’s some of those quiet moments alone, when everyone else is sleeping that I do somewhat miss.

I’m thankful that I now can decipher the babies’ cries, and they don’t elevate my blood pressure as much as they used to. I’m also thankful that they’re big enough to use the lighter stroller, making our walks much easier.

And although I never had a “plan” for how long I would breastfeed, I’m proud of myself for making it to seven months. I don’t know how much longer we’ll go, but it seems to be working, so as they say, don’t fix what isn’t broken.