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Mother's Day Letter To Baby Paul

Dear Baby Paul,

This week you turn four months old. You're getting so very big, and I can't believe you've surpassed the newest of newborness stages, and are already starting to become a little boy that according to the lady at the grocery store "doesn't look like has ever missed a meal". I'll admit, your chunky monkey little cheeks are my favorite part of you. 

Did you know that because of you, people always tell me I should buy lotto tickets? Yes, I won the jackpot when it comes to raising a large family. You have two older sisters, and one amazing older brother who can't wait for you to get bigger. He's ready and waiting for you to grow up, so he can teach you all about his favorite Star Wars characters and play dinos with you. Two boys and two girls, you've seriously made us the perfect family.

Right now, we call you "Baby Paul", rarely ever referring to you without the "baby" in front of your name. I sometimes wonder if it will stick. When you're 18, will I still be calling you "Baby Paul"? I secretly hope so.

Paul, you are so lovely and so perfect. I've done nothing right to deserve you. My labor and delivery with you was textbook, our nursing relationship is amazing, (although, feel free to take a bottle every now and again, even though I know I'm so! much! better! than a bottle ever will be), and your "go with the flow" attitude amazes me daily.

Being a mom to four kids under eight years old has been a real adjustment for me.  I oftentimes worry about you, baby Paul. I get anxiety that you don't get enough attention, or held as much as you should. I want to give you my everything, but everything I got must be split four different ways. But fortunately, one the benefits of being part of this big family is that when I'm not available, you have three older siblings and one amazing dad that are always ready and waiting to step it up when I can't.

This weekend is Mother's Day. Baby Paul, thank you for everything you've added to our family over the past four months. Your existence is so fresh and new, although I can't imagine life without you.

Hugs, kisses and big love to all your squishy baby parts,