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Hitting Milestones Left and Right

It's been five months since Paul was born, which means I've successfully managed my way with four kids through winter, spring, and now summer.

While pregnant, many of my friends offered unsolicited encouragement and said that if I was going to have three kids, I might as well make it four, that the work load doesn't increase, even though you're adding another human to the mix.

Those people lied to me. Four kids is a ton of work!

My favorite comedian Jim Gaffigan (who's apparently is expecting his fifth child), said it best:

“Want to know what it’s like to have four kids? Imagine you’re drowning, and then someone hands you a baby.”

To this, I want to scream YES, YES, YES! This is exactly what it's like.

But with hard work and sleepless nights, grows beautiful reward. My family and I are doing fantastic, and even though it's been the most challenging five moths of my life, it certainly ranks up there as some of the most rewarding.

Paul and I have hit so many important and monumental milestones lately. For this, I'll be forever grateful.

For instance, although we've experienced some breastfeeding hiccups in the road, we're still going strong at the five month mark. As with all my kids, my first and initial goal is to make it to the six month, and then see how we can do trying to hit the one year mark. Thankfully, I have full confidence Paul will still be breastfeeding strong next month, which will mean we hit our first goal.

Another milestone I wanted to reach (and have achieved) is Paul taking a bottle of expressed milk. While 98% of his feedings come from me, there have been a few times I've needed to be away from him during a meal. It took some trial and error to figure out a nipple that would work for him, but we finally found one. I now have a good supply of expressed breast milk ready and waiting for him in the deep freezer.

Additionally, a personal postpartum goal of mine has been to get into a routine of exercising regularly. I'm easily around 15 pounds heavier from where I would like to be, and running is both a good physical and mental exercise for me. I'm trying to run around 3 times a week, just 3 miles on each run. To add a bit of motivation to my workouts, I signed myself up for a couple 5k's; one in August, and one in September. A good trick that has worked for me is to make sure I feed Paul right before I hit the streets (so I'm jogging with empty breasts), and to wear a very supportive sports bra.

Overall, Paul and I (and the rest of the family) are doing really, really, well.

I can't wait to see what the next five months have in store for Paul. In the next few weeks Paul's going to hit a few more milestones, I just know it. We're going to start rice cereal in a few weeks, and I'm just waiting for the day Paul shows us he can sit up all on his own. He's almost there, it's going to be any day now, I can feel it!