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Bonding Over Breastfeeding

As the mom of three, there are times I wish the world would just stop. Stop so that I can “smell the roses”, if you will. But, in reality I mean stop so that I can smell the newborn. Take in every single moment nursing and feeding and bonding with my baby.

Over five years ago, when I had my first son he was my only child. He was the focus of all of my attention all the time. Naturally, when we sat down to breastfeed it was all about him. All about us, really, as there was nothing else fighting for my attention.

Now, with baby number three? Long periods of peaceful one-on-one time are not really an option for Max and me. Instead of sitting with my newborn quietly on the couch, I’m often multi-tasking and trying to satisfy the needs three kids. It’s not unusual for me to be carrying Max one handed while he eats as I pour milk for my older son or brush my daughter’s hair or even write a blog post. As much as I wish it were, it’s just not possible to carve out hours in the day to feed the baby. And I easily spend hours feeding Max every day – little guy likes to eat!

Despite the fact that the experiences are in many ways opposite, the fact remains that the bonding with my children through breastfeeding is undeniable. It all comes down to the two of us. We’ve had family in town to meet Max and my husband is very involved in caring for our kids, but when Max is hungry it all comes down to me. I am the only one who can feed him the way he wants to be fed. It’s a lot of pressure at times, to be sure, but it is very rewarding for both of us.

Even when his older siblings are running circles around the house, a work deadline is looming and the laundry needs to be folded, when I look down at baby Max breastfeeding and all the background noise is quieted. He is mine and I am his. We’re in this thing together and just as no one else can feed him the way that I can, no one completes my family the way that he does.