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Sweet Baby Smiles

Max just turned 3 months old and it’s proving to be a fun age that the whole family is enjoying. Max is growing more responsive to our stimulation every day. My favorite, of course, is his big smiles. It’s amazing how one little face can absolutely turn my day around.

I think that Max recognizes me as he often smiles simply when he sees me. This makes sense since I spent the most time with him and am his food source. And at nearly 15 pounds, I don’t think Max enjoys anything more than eating! But, there’s also no question that he simply adores his big brother and big sister.

As a parent, I can’t tell you how much I love watching the kids interact and talk to Max. My daughter repeats things I say verbatim in an unbelievably high-pitched voice that is meant to mimic my baby sing-songy talk. “Hiiiiiiduude,” she’ll say, her face a mere inches from his chubby cheeks. Max will coo. She continues, “Tell me alllll about it.”

My 5 year old is more relaxed in his approach to communicating with Max. He actually watches Max and talks in his own words, the way you’d expect an adult to interact.

My older son thinks part of his role as big brother is to watch out for Max and protect him. And it’s obvious that Max appreciates it because he just smiles and smiles at his big brother. I absolutely love watching them together and knowing they’ll be on the same team for life.

In addition to the endless smiles, Max has teased us with a few little giggle fits. It is honestly the best noise I can possibly imagine hearing. I love knowing that his giggles and other forms of communicating with us will continue to grow. For now, we’ll soak up every grin, admire his dimple when he does and smile right back at him.