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My New View on Breastfeeding in Public

One of the most convenient aspects of breastfeeding is that you can do it anywhere and at any time, no preparation needed. This has never been more true for me than for the past couple weeks when Max and I have traveled from Alabama to New York City to Atlanta to Columbus and finally to Germany. Yes, Max and I were on no fewer than 7 airplanes over the course of 10 days. Luckily for him, his food source was always nearby.

In those ten days, I’ve nursed Max every place you can possibly imagine – from the back of a room during a press conference with Eli Manning to a military chartered airplane to restaurants both fast and fancy. The experience has helped me to realize that I am way more comfortable breastfeeding in public with baby number three than I was with baby number one.

In some ways, that makes total sense: I’m more comfortable with breastfeeding and with being a mom in general with my third. But, I also think it’s that my attitude about breastfeeding has changed a bit. Now, my priority is feeding Max when it’s right for him, and not when it’s convenient or more comfortable for others (myself included!).


This change in behavior isn’t me being a martyr; rather, it comes a great confidence in what I’m doing and in my right to do it. I know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me feeding my son – whether in public or in the privacy of my home. If someone else is uncomfortable, it’s their problem and not mine. It’s working for Max, me and my family and that’s all that matters.