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Finding Comfort in the Little Thing(s)

Despite the fact that it’s the middle of July, I am not contending with summer fatigue and summer heat. Instead, three weeks post move to Germany, I’m in the midst of moving fatigue and a summer chill. The weather here is less than ideal for many traditional summer activities (like, say, anything that involves wearing less than jeans and a long sleeved shirt), but it is actually perfect for trying to get out and about to explore our new home.

But, of course, there’s the totally-over-this-whole-moving-thing going on. I am just exhausted. Tired of living out of suitcases, tired of not having a routine, just plain tired. Everyone assumes that having a baby during this period adds to the frustration and pain, but I have to tell you Max has been an absolute delight. After sorting out a brief belly issue on the first leg of our trip he has been the easiest part of this move. As you can see from his four month picture, he’s getting along just fine!

I think the move has been easiest on Max because he’s been able to maintain a sense of normalcy. Between sleeping in the same travel crib every single night and eating from the same food source every single day (and night), not too much has changed for him. Max is nearing five months old now and still exclusively breastfed and I can only assume that the consistency of regular nursing helps him to feel secure while the rest of us are floundering about wondering what/where/how we’re going to eat next. (To be honest, I crave the routine and normalcy of feeding him, too. I am so thankful for the moments we get to sit, cuddle and bond while he eats. In new, unfamiliar surroundings (even in public), I am grateful for the comfort his little body provides.)

Luckily for those of us on solid food (everyone but Max!), we have finally moved into our home and have some kitchen basics to start eating at home regularly. I hope we settle into a routine soon so we can join Max in his laissez-faire, everything’s cool attitude.