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Max Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night

Well, the subject of this week’s post is the ever-elusive sleep routine. (Excuse me while I yawn, I was up three times last night.) If you read last week’s post about spending time with each of my kids, then you know Max and I haven’t exactly achieved a desirable sleep routine. He does fairly well during the day, but the night is an entirely different story.

With my first child, I was obsessed with his sleep. I could recite our night wakings for the previous weeks from memory. I read books, consulted friends, and fretted over sleeping through the night like it was my job. It doesn’t help that “Is he sleeping through the night?” is one of the first couple questions people seem to ask about a baby. In all my reading and talking and worrying, I feel in love with the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. One reason I found it particularly helpful is that the author, Dr. Marc Weissbluth doesn’t shun co-sleeping or bed sharing and, in fact, offers advice specific to that sleep situation. I followed the book’s guidance and after a few short nights my son was a new baby – soothing himself to sleep, on a schedule and sleeping through the night.

Based on my memory of my beloved Dr. Weissbluth book, I read Max’s sleep cues and a fairly regular daytime routine developed organically. After dark? That’s a different story.

I’m pretty sure we’ve made absolutely no progress in the night time sleep department since Max was, like, a month old. I keep making excuses for Max and for myself - finding reasons why he keeps waking and why I haven’t made sleeping through the night a priority. At first it was the move overseas. Considering the mega time change and upheaval, you have to admit it’s a pretty good excuse not to sleep train a baby.But, we’ve been here two months and we’re no better off. He doesn’t have a consistent bed time, he wakes several times a night.

I know I could correct many of these “problems” with some work. But, that’s just it: it’s work. And it stinks and I don’t wanna. So there. I know the breaking point is coming soon – the point at which I realize I’m exhausted and need more sleep and Max needs routine. But, until then I will continue to wake when he cries and nurse and cuddle him back to sleep. It all passes so quickly… and, frankly, I’m in no rush to make Max grow up into a big boy who sleeps through the night. Yet.