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Teething + Breatfeeding Bites

Teething. The word is enough to strike fear in even the bravest mama’s heart. Beyond the usual pain of baby cutting teeth (namely your little one hurting with little relief), breastfeeding mamas have to worry about how the little chompers will impact breastfeeding.

You know how people say you forget the pain of childbirth so that you will willingly get pregnant again? Well, I’m starting to think the same may be true of the pain of nursing a baby with teeth because I honestly do not remember what this is like. All I can seem to remember is that it hurts. I honestly can’t recall how I taught my first two babies not to. (And it’s not because it wasn’t an issue, because, despite my lack of sleep, I do remember that it was a bit of an issue.)

My kids typically get teeth on the late side: my first son was 8 months and daughter was 11 months. Baby Max, always doing things in a hurry, cut his first tooth at 5 and a half months. A totally normal time frame developmentally, but way too early for my liking. Teethe immediately make a baby seem months older and I am not ready for my little guy to be growing older so quickly! Max has always been a bit of a wiggly nurser (yanking this way, pulling his head that way) so I fear the addition of teeth in the mix is going to be a total pain in the boob.

I recently read about a mother who weaned her baby when he started biting during breastfeeding, but I am determined not to let that get in our way (even if the process of teaching Max not to bite hurts). I feel like a broken record when I say that this is just another challenge we’ll navigate through to continue breastfeeding.

What do you do to teach baby not to bite while nursing?