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Re-living the Joys of Pregnancy (Through Other People!)

While I am completely certain that my family is complete, I admit that lately I’ve been feeling a little baby belly envy. For the most part, I really loved being pregnant. It’s wonderful and powerful but it’s also a time filled with many unknowns. I loved the excitement and anticipation about what was to come – and I think that’s what I truly miss. The idea that when baby arrives you get to start over and experience something new, from the beginning.

Both my sister and my sister-in-law are pregnant right now so I get to live vicariously through both of them. I get to chat about the “What if?”s and daydream about who baby will resemble. I mean, I get to enjoy some of the best parts of pregnancy without the morning sickness or heartburn. Win.

Of course we’ve also been having some more serious conversations about parenting style and breastfeeding. I know how important it is to have family support so I’m excited to have some nursing experience under my belt boob to offer perspective and advice to my sisters.

I’m also happy to report that I now have some formal training to lend to my personal experience. I recently completed Training to be a Peer Mentor to breastfeeding mamas in my military community. Because we know that support is a big factor in breastfeeding success, I, as an experienced breastfeeding mama, will be matched with a pregnant first-time mom who plans to breastfeed. While my primary motivation for volunteering as a Mentor is to help other mothers meet their breastfeeding goals, I admit that I am totally looking forward to living through the highs and lows and anticipation and excitement of pregnancy and early motherhood with someone.

Pregnancy is so exciting – even for those of us who aren’t actually growing a baby – and it’s an amazing time to see my extended family expand.