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Breastfeeding Just Got Better

It has been quite incredible to experience the outpouring of congratulations on the news that Bravado was purchased by Medela. Thank you for the wishes and also for helping us to grow to this place.   While we have received many calls supporting our decision, not everyone shares our enthusiasm for our new partnership.

At Bravado, we have always been and remain totally committed to supporting every new mother’s breastfeeding experience – no matter how she chooses to define that experience.  We passionately believe that every new mom must do what is best for her baby, her, and her family.  Just as every child is different, we know that every mother’s circumstances are different: what might work for one does not necessarily work for another.  We believe that the last thing that new mother needs to deal with as she juggles the joys and challenges of being a new mother, is for anyone to judge her on her choices.  For almost 20 years we have consciously and carefully taken a position of non-judgement, choosing instead to focus on the support and encouragement of new mothers, all the while telling it like it is.  Our candid, caring approach has been our signature – along with our much-loved bras and tanks, of course – during this wonderful, yet often challenging time of a mother’s life.


Our core ideals, messaging and positioning remain the same:  we believe strongly that every nursing mother has the right to define, for herself, what breastfeeding success means to her.  We also fundamentally believe that increased breastfeeding initiation and duration rates are a cornerstone of success for future generations of children.  We are committed to new mothers and their families, and are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to support them, whether through new products, increased knowledge, real-time resources and information-sharing, or building communities where she can share and learn from others. 

Our partnership with Medela will only serve to deepen this commitment, as together we can broaden the range of choice, and options, for all breastfeeding mothers.  Together, we can enable and empower women to find their own way to breastfeeding success – whether directly at the breast, or breastmilk via a bottle if circumstances dictate this option.  We will be able to encourage, nurture and support all women, and their families – in short, continue our commitment.

Our research indicates that while progress has been made, there is still much work that needs to be done.    And now we are in a better position to do it.

In joining forces with the world’s leader in innovative breastfeeding solutions – ones that are used by women around the world to breastfeed – and to breastfeed for longer – we now have a stronger foundation, and a bigger platform, from which to amplify our message:  all women, and all babies, deserve a successful breastfeeding experience.   Medela is a company completely dedicated to supporting a mother’s breastfeeding choices.  Our two organizations share the same goals, the same mission and the same  core values.  As an organization, the knowledge and depth that Medela brings to the breastfeeding dialogue is something for which we, in the breastfeeding community, should be proud and frankly excited.  Their 50 years of expertise and research-based knowledge, combined with the intimate relationships that we have forged with new mothers for the past 20 years, provide us with the opportunity to contribute to – and create – an improved breastfeeding climate and choices for all new mothers and their families.

All of us in the breastfeeding community – of which Medela is a long-standing and committed member – are striving for the same thing:  higher breastfeeding initiation rates, and increased breastfeeding duration.  Having choices, and solutions, to help a new mother create a breastfeeding experience that works for her, and her reality – this is our ultimate aim. 

To expand a new mother’s ability to have a successful breastfeeding experience... that’s what we’re all about, here at Bravado.  And that’s more important to us than anything.  We look forward to the next chapter in our history, as, working together with Medela, we build a better breastfeeding world for all mothers.