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I'll Never Be the Same Woman Again!

I usually make a huge fuss for my mom for Mother's Day every year but this year, my wonderful family made a huge fuss for me. Having Aiden a few weeks before Mother’s Day, I was thrilled to be showered with the kind of love and attention I always imagined could be coming my way when I became a mom. My husband made me breakfast and my mom, brother and in-laws sent flowers. My husband’s aunt even made me a beautiful charm bracelet with Aiden as the inspiration. I can’t wait to put a little picture of him in the locket and add charms to it of all our adventures together. But when I woke up that morning I felt grateful for the best gift of all – my gorgeous healthy baby boy.

We went over to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner and the whole family was so excited for Aiden’s first visit. He was the star of the night for sure; but amidst all the excitement and house full of people I made sure to take some time for just Aiden and Mama with a nursing break. As I held and nursed him, I sang to him and told him how grateful I felt that he made me a mom for this Mother’s Day. That’s what I love most about nursing – it is a ritual that is ours alone and it creates a bond that is special.

My outlook on life has definitely changed since I became a mother. Certain things that I perceived as important before just aren’t as important now. Certain “problems” I had before just don’t seem like much now. My family, health, love; those are the things that matter. It's also changed what I talk to my husband about - we spend more time than I ever could have imagined talking about poop, even at the dinner table!            

I knew my life would change, I knew my world would change but I couldn’t imagine how. I LOVE how my heart has changed since becoming a mother. I feel more at peace, and more myself than I have ever felt before. This wonderful little boy has opened up a side of me that has been waiting to come out – a side that I didn't even realize was there until now. I'm excited to continue getting to know this new me. There is a lot about this journey called motherhood that I have to learn, but what I know for sure is I will never be the same woman again!