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Summer Days Driftin’ Away…

As I walk around the city this summer, I see lots of baby bumps. I'm very happy that I was just the opposite – pregnant during the winter and had my new baby during the summer. Winters in New York have been very cold recently and just this winter we saw a record number of snow storms. I’m glad I had a full summer to go for long walks with my baby, read to him on a park bench, and take him for his first dip in a swimming pool. Getting out certainly helped to get my postpartum body into shape and ward off the baby blues. We spend lots of time outdoors together and Aiden loves to “talk to the trees.”

But all good things must come to an end I guess… yet I am confident that it’s just one way of making room for brand new good things.

I am back to work full-time and Aiden is in the very loving and capable hands of my mother. We see spend about an hour together in the evenings and he nurses to sleep as we snuggle close. The cool, fall air will make snuggling that much better! Aiden is reaching out to grab things now and he is in awe of the huge world around him. I can’t wait to show him the different colors of fall leaves and dress him in sweaters.
You see, I guess the “end of summer blues” was ingrained in all of us since we were kids … but I am just so happy and nothing can steal my joy, not even the end of summer. I am anxiously awaiting this new season and excited to experience more milestones with my baby boy.

Some things I am really looking forward to this Fall:

Aiden will start solids when he turns six months in October! I can’t wait to make him homemade purees and introduce him to food.

Halloween is usually a pretty dull holiday for us but Aiden has an adorable dinosaur outfit and I think he will wear it to Grandma’s house for some trick-or-treating.

We are planning a family photo shoot in September and I can’t wait to capture the three of us, a new family on film.

There is so much I am looking forward to this fall… The summer days may be driftin' away (a la Grease) but oh... those fall nights are coming! Bring on the fall!