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Fall changes

Daylight savings time is just no fun this time around. By the time I get out of work it’s dark out and it just feels like the day is over. It’s so hard to be away from my baby all day and then get out of work to a dark, cold, night. While I love the Fall season, I wish the sun would stick around a bit longer.  Now that Aiden is 6 months old, his little personality is shining and this new, big baby Aiden is really fun to see… though I admit I’m a bit nostalgic for the newborn, falls asleep on my chest Aiden. He is growing so fast! My cousin is expecting a little boy this winter so I got a box and started packing some of Aiden’s newborn clothes as “hand-me-downs” for her. I never imagined how sentimental it would make me. Folding these tiny clothes that once fit him and packing them away. Sometimes I wish I can get that day back when I first held Aiden in my arms and he barely weighed anything at all. Now, at nearly 20 pounds, it’s as if he’s a totally different baby.

He has hit so many milestones so far:

  • He rolls over both ways and while he hasn’t crawled yet he has quite the scoot. He pulls against the floor with his arms and slides his belly to get around.
  • He makes all kinds of two syllable consonant sounds. His favorites are dadada and bababa. Of course my husband got really excited when he first said dadada and I looked at him like “hey dude, what about Mama?!” But I know it will be a while before he is saying actual words. Still, it’s so much fun when Aiden “talks” to us.
  • We’ve started to incorporate solids into Aiden’s diet and he loves them! So far, peas are his favorite. This Fall I will be spending Saturday mornings making homemade purees of veggies with breast milk for Aiden to try. I love making his food and knowing what is going into every bite. He took to solids very well as he has lost his tongue thrust reflex, sits with some support, and has total head control. Such a big boy!
  • Aiden has also started having more indoor time as the days are getting colder. No more swinging at the park every day! His play-mat and toys take center stage in our living room. He’s totally invaded our space! I wouldn’t have it any other way. He spends his days with Grandma reading stories and singing songs. He goes to the neighborhood library every other week for story time and loves interacting with the other babies.
  • We’ve gotten Aiden into a bed time routine that is working really well too. He eats “dinner” then has a bath. After bath time he gets lotion and a massage while soft music plays in his room in the dark. He gets his footie pajamas on and we sit in the rocker and nurse until he drifts into sleep. 

Motherhood has really been an adventure so far and the most fulfilling experience of my life. I am embracing change and rolling with it because I know there are many, many, more seasons of change ahead in this journey. I am captivated by my little big boy more and more each day!