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Christmas Traditions: Just the three of us

In my family, we celebrate Christmas and it is the one time during the year that I like to go  “all out” planning and decorating. My Christmas cards go out the first week of December, the tree goes up, poinsettia, lights, a wreath -- I love it all! This year was no exception but it was even more fun because I got to see my little boy’s reaction to all the sparkly stuff and it made him so happy! I am so excited for Aiden’s first Christmas.

Every year, we spend Christmas Eve over at my in-laws where presents are exchanged and opened at midnight. This year, we are going to take Aiden over to his extended family’s celebration a bit earlier because he won’t make it all the way to midnight (we can’t go ruining sleep schedules can we?) but he will still get to experience Christmas Eve and be in bed at a decent time.  On Christmas Day we usually get up early and head over to my side of the family’s house but this year we decided to create a new tradition and spend Christmas morning at home… just the three of us.  

I am going to make breakfast and we are going to take Aiden over to the tree to open his presents. I can’t wait for this special time with my little family! Later on that day we’ll still head over to Grandma’s but I am so happy we are going to be spending some precious time alone for Aiden’s very first Christmas.

I love tradition. I value the traditions that I have grown up with but it is so important for us as a family to celebrate the holidays in our own special way. I will cherish these moments for years and years to come. I imagine down the road, Aiden running to our bedroom and saying “wake up Mom and Dad, it’s Christmas!”