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Keeping My Exercise Routine Simple

7am – crawl out of bed quietly so as not to disturb sleeping baby

7:15am- crawl back into bed to nurse baby back to sleep

7:20am- get ready for work and run out the door

7:50am- 9am- commute on the subway to work

9am-5:30pm- at the office

5:30-6:40pm- commute home from work

6:40pm- nurse baby, spend time, cuddles, kisses

7pm- start making dinner

8pm- put baby to sleep

8:30pm (sometimes 9 if baby is fighting his sleep) sit down to have dinner.

9pm-10pm – showers, storing expressed breast milk, getting lunches ready for next day

10pm – sleep

The above is a snapshot of my daily routine… pretty crazy huh? So, as I look at this I think to myself – WHEN do I have time to exercise? The answer is simply, I don’t have time. My exercise routine is simple: I sneak physical activity in whenever I can. I run up the subway stairs, I walk briskly down 5th avenue, I run across the street to my gym during lunch and do the elliptical for half hour, I do some yoga on the Wii Fit, or run to the supermarket holding my 21lb baby in his Moby Wrap while carrying groceries. I am a full-time working mom living in the fastest paced city in the world. That in itself is a work out!

I’m not complaining though… all of my pregnancy weight has come off and I am even shedding additional pounds. Thanks to keeping busy and nursing, I am seeing an even trimmer figure than before I got pregnant and I am okay with that! I usually wear my Bravado sublime bras for work and a nursing tank on the weekends and I am comfortable all while feeling fabulous. One day, I’d love to have more of a “ritual” for exercise… maybe take a dance class or spinning class at the gym for a whole hour a few days a week. But for now, I am managing just fine as a busy, working Mama.