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Falling Asleep on the Job

Before I had my baby, I had grown quite accustomed to my sleep. Scratch that. Before I got pregnant, I had grown quite accustomed to my sleep. Eight hours a night, sometimes nine. Ten if I was really grooving. So then already exhausted from not having a solid night of sleep in gawd only knows how long, I gave birth. And I was my daughter's only source of food. And by the way she was eating, the food I was providing must have been really, really good. Like 3 Michelin stars good. Like winner of Top Chef good. She couldn't get enough and was coming back for seconds and thirds and is there such a thing as fourths?

And I was falling asleep on the job.

And out of the twenty four hours a day that I was on duty, the night shift was by far the hardest.

I'd be nursing her and close my eyes for a second, the hum of the sound machine lulling me into a dream-like state. Only to wake suddenly, disoriented and scared. What if I'd dropped her? Or rolled on her?

I only nodded off a couple of times (and for the record never dropped or rolled on her!) but it was enough to freak me out. Could I keep up with this little one's appetite and not die from exhaustion in the process? After all, I wasn't a spring chicken. I wasn't even in my mid-thirties anymore. My last birthday had taken care of that. I was now in my upper-thirties and I wanted to nurse my baby. But I was just so darn tired.

And believe it or not, it's iPad Scrabble that saved me.

Well, iPad Scrabble and my husband.

My rock star husband (yes, ladies, it's time to start hating me) stayed up with me night after night after night and played iPad scrabble with me to help me keep my eyes open while I breastfed HH.

And it worked! I wasn't any less tired but... my baby got fed. I didn't fall asleep. And my vocabulary got a lot better!