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Breastfeeding in My Town

When I was pregnant, one of the questions I was most commonly asked by moms in my town was, are you going to breastfeed? And after I had my daughter, those same moms checked in to see how it was going, eager to offer advice and share their own stories- both positive (bonding!) and negative (biting!).

These moms were incredibly accepting and supportive. And although I appreciated the offers of advice and support, I was never comfortable reciprocating and telling my own personal stories about nursing. To confide in these moms I liked a lot, but didn’t know well, felt awkward.

I hadn’t lived in my town for long and was still trying to find my footing. All of my good friends were now halfway across the country and those were the people I was used to reaching out to when I had questions. But I knew I needed to find local friends with babies. I knew I needed to branch out into my community.

And in my own way I did. I took a prenatal yoga class while pregnant. And I met another mom, due just weeks before me. When we also ended up in the same breastfeeding class, we laughed that it was fate. And we became friends. And since having our babies, we’ve navigated the waters of breastfeeding and new mommyhood together. We’ve laughed at our mistakes and commiserated about our struggles. And we’ve cheered each other on.

And we’ve talked about how supportive the town is of breastfeeding. And although neither of us has chosen to breastfeed in public, we know that no one would bat an eye if we did.

And even though I haven’t chosen to join one of the many different moms groups, I know they are there. So for me, it’s just nice to know there’s support in my town when and if I should need it.