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I’m In Denial That Summer is Almost Over

It’s been a summer full of sunshine, swim lessons and stroller rides.

For HH, it’s been diapers and t-shirts, bloomers and onesies and never even a pair of socks.  

For me, it’s been sundresses, shorts and flip-flops and never a pair of shoes. To say we’ve been enjoying our summer is an understatement.

But with Labor Day just around the corner and back to school sales all around, there’s no denying that summer’s about to end.

But I’m choosing to live in denial anyway.

I’m in denial that…

Day Light Savings time will soon suck away the sun an hour earlier each day (hate that!).

That the warm air will turn cool and then really, really, really cold (did I mention really cold?).

That I’ll have to trade in my flip-flops for shearling-lined boots.

That before I know it, I’ll have to bundle the baby up from head to toe before I can even think about leaving the house.

That life will feel harder.

Things just feel easier in the summer. Less clothes, less stress, less mess.

And in the fall and winter, it feels like you have to work harder, get more serious.

More clothes, more stress, more mess!

When HH was born it was the dead of winter. It was gray and gloomy and the ground was covered with snow. And we were practically trapped in the house for two straight months.

So to say I was looking forward to the sun is another understatement. And maybe that’s why I’m clinging to summer and choosing to live in denial. At least for another month anyway.