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Follow the Leader

I am a self-proclaimed pregnancy and birth activist. I studied pregnancy and birth for two years prior to becoming successfully pregnant so I knew more than the average first-time mom. During our hospital tour, I was the only in our group firing questions at the nurse who was clearly unaccustomed to someone being so prepared. Very early on, my husband learned to simply follow my lead because I had far more information than he did and he trusted that I knew what I was talking about.

Once the baby came, he continued to support my decisions knowing that I had a lot of information backing them and I always had the best interest of our daughter at heart. When it came to breastfeeding, it was no different. The best thing my husband has done to date is not to question me when I tell him what I need.

For those that don't know him, this is a major demonstration of trust because my husband is extremely inquisitive and rarely goes along with anything without asking 1,001 questions first. So when I told him I needed to see a lactation consultant and he simply agreed, that was monumental. When I told him what kind of pump I would like and he said okay, I was stunned.

Even more telling is his ease with me nursing in public. He's a very private person and once told me he was unsure of how he would deal with that aspect of breastfeeding. Now that the baby is here, he's hardly batted an eye when I stop what I'm doing to feed our daughter, no matter where we are.

I knew what I was getting into regarding pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. I knew where to find the research, how to maximize my resources and I was very clear about my preferences. On the other hand, my husband was in very unfamiliar territory yet he chose to trust me and has excelled at supporting me in the choices that I made for my body and for our daughter.

I have let him know what I need and without fail, he's been there for me and for that, I'm extremely thankful. I know that it's because of his faith in my ability to feed our daughter that I've been so successful with breastfeeding. It takes a strong person to be able to follow someone's lead and my husband has provided that quiet strength just when and where I needed it. Even though I'm the one who is doing the physical work of breastfeeding, I definitely couldn't do it without knowing that he was there behind me, cheering me on every step of the way.