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Life in the Big City

I'm a city girl through and through. When I was pregnant, I entertained the idea of getting my belly painted with henna. A quick internet search produced a belly painter just a few minutes away from my house! I remember chuckling at how easy it was to find. Only in the big city can you find a henna artist with their own website who specializes in pregnant women!

Additionally, I live in a pretty progressive part of the city, where all kinds of lifestyle choices are accepted and even celebrated. If I had gone ahead with getting my belly painted and walked around town with it exposed, I'm sure I would have gotten compliments, not rude stares.

Because of this, I never thought twice about being self-conscious about breastfeeding my daughter. To date, I've fed her in a car dealership, numerous restaurants, a park, and even the backseat of our car at Sonic! Not once have I gotten a rude look and the time at the park, a lady passed by and made a point of telling me how great it was that I was breastfeeding. I can't imagine anyone reacting negatively to me feeding my daughter and I'm pretty sure I'd have some choice words if they did. I may be a mouse when I have to stand up for myself but I'm most assuredly a lion when it comes to my daughter. No one stands between her and her food!

I feel very lucky that I live in an open and encouraging environment. I attend a playgroup in my neighborhood in which several of the women still breastfeed their toddlers and no one thinks twice about it. It's commonplace and accepted – it's just a part of life.

Now, perhaps my situation isn't the norm and I know there's still a fair amount of ignorance regarding breastfeeding. However, more and more women are getting educated and finding their communities. We're establishing our support systems and pretty soon, no one will even look twice. After all, they're babies and they're just eating. What's so odd about that?