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A couple of weeks ago, I traveled with my daughter for the first time. We flew to my hometown to visit my parents and to visit friends and family who hadn't yet met the baby. I was nervous about flying alone with her, but she did a stellar job and I was so proud!


It's funny how your senses change when you become a mother. You can hear the slightest baby murmur in the other room, you can smell a dirty diaper at fifty paces and you do indeed grow eyes in the back of your head.

We were in the gate area and my daughter started to get fussy. I knew it was time to eat but we were going to board soon. I felt the stares as she got louder and more insistent. I saw them peeking over their newspapers, shifting in their seats, the judgmental stares because I couldn't quiet my child. I gave in, draped myself, and nursed my daughter. She instantly calmed and they disappeared behind their newspapers, settled back in their seats and resumed their day.

See, I think people are far more consumed with their own worlds to be too concerned with how or where I feed my child. It's only when my world collides with theirs that they come from behind their newspapers to see what's causing the interruption.

When we arrived in my hometown, my parents were overjoyed to see their grandbaby. I think my father made it his mission to introduce her to the whole city because we took her everywhere! That meant lots of nursing in public and not once did my super mommy senses pick up on any negativity regarding me feeding my daughter. I only felt the stares when I dropped the ball and she had to let me know she was hungry or that it was past her bedtime. I feel very blessed that my family and friends are in full support of me breastfeeding and that I grew up in a big enough city that there are far more interesting things going on than a random woman in a restaurant feeding her child.

I get more questions and quizzical stares when I wear my baby. We were in the airport waiting to return home and I wrapped her up in preparation to check our carseat and stroller. Once on the plane, the gentleman next to me said “I noticed you in the gate area putting on that contraption. That's pretty neat!” I smiled and thanked him. When we took off, I assumed the position – me draped, baby latched. He glanced over, smiled and opened his magazine.