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Our first Halloween

This post is brought to you in real time, as in, we bought Sofia's Halloween costume yesterday. I confess that it kind of snuck up on me and I haven't given it much thought. I'm also writing this in our hotel room where we are visiting my husband for the week.  His new job is in another state so we usually only see him on the weekend.  However, we jumped when he suggested that we come up and spend the week with him and explore our new city – it's so nice to get to see him every evening and we're having a ball camping in our hotel room!

As for Halloween, we spent yesterday exploring our new town and doing damage at the baby clothing store. It's my new favorite hobby! They had their infant costumes at 60% off and we picked up the most adorable little cow costume for the baby!  Her daddy picked it out and it was so sweet to see him contemplating the kitty costume over the cow one, or maybe the puppy or pumpkin one.  He took it so seriously and when he pronounced the cow costume as the winner, I couldn't agree with him more.

It made me think about Halloween two years ago.  We weren't aware, but they told us Halloween was a pretty big deal in our neighborhood and we were told to buy as much candy as we could afford. I remember we looked at each other, shrugged and dropped $150 on candy! We were having trouble sustaining a pregnancy and I was pretty bitter about it, but I resolved to enjoy myself as best as I could. We set up our chairs on the front porch, cocktails in hand and prepared for the trick or treaters.

I have to confess, I was glad I had my wine because there were droves of them! It was amazing – we had an actual line up our sidewalk to our front door! While it was a lot of fun to see the older kids and their scary costumes, the baby girls in their princess and fairy dresses just about did me in. They were so cute it hurt and I wanted to dump all our candy into their tiny little fairy baskets. Even though we got a ton of candy, we ran out pretty quickly and as we turned off the light on our front porch I congratulated myself on making it through the night with no major breakdowns.  Soon after we got ready and went out to a grown-up Halloween party with no fairies in sight.

This year, I get to dress my own baby girl in her own costume. It's my turn to take pictures of her and we've found a little Halloween festival since we'll be here for the holiday. I remember so clearly where I was last year and as she lays next to me babbling and cooing, I'm so very thankful for my little cow!