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Ninja nursing

My modesty flew out the door the day my daughter was born.  I have learned to shrug it off when my bra is showing.  Not the strap, mind you, the entire bra.  Although deep v-neck shirts are nursing-friendly, they aren't so great for concealing the nursing bra.  As much as I wish I could resort to this excuse every time my bra is showing, sadly it happens with other shirts too.  I walked into the elevator at my pediatrician's office one day to discover that my button down shirt was unbuttoned nearly to my navel because I was too frazzled to remember to re-button it once I'd finished feeding the baby.  It hasn't gotten better now that the baby has figured out that my shirts stand between her and her food.  She regularly pulls at my shirt no matter where we are and I've become so accustomed to it at this point that it barely registers.

Now, even though it's second nature to me to feed my daughter wherever and whenever necessary, I have not become so oblivious that I don't think about my surroundings.  In just a few days we're traveling to my parent's house for Thanksgiving and I'm super excited about seeing my friends and family.  But even though I'll be in my childhood home, it's not my house, which means I won't be able to simply unbutton my shirt without quickly glancing around the room.  I may not have much modesty left, but I still don't need my dad or my kid brother getting a gander at my goods.  So, I'll either head into the formal living room with the good sofa that only company gets to use, or we'll duck into my parent's bedroom for those few minutes I need to feed the baby.  If that's not possible, then I'll just grab a blanket.  I've become quite adept at latching and nursing without undue exposure.  I just have to get better at buttoning it back up when I'm done!

Breastfeeding is natural, normal and the healthiest choice for my daughter and my family fully supports my efforts.  However, my dad is my dad and while I'm home, I'm okay with employing all my ninja nursing tactics so no one gets uncomfortable.