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(Still) Eating for two

By now, I'm sure you've heard that it's actually quite unhealthy to eat twice the amount of food you regularly consume when you're pregnant.  I actually read somewhere that American women shouldn't increase their intake at all because we eat too much to begin with.  Now, I may not have pigged out at every turn but I shamelessly indulged every single craving I had, day or night.  I gained a healthy amount of weight during my pregnancy and thanks to breastfeeding, I'm actually ten pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yes, I know how lucky I am.  But once the baby came, eating became a whole different ballgame.

Eating post-pregnancy is nothing if not a challenge.  In the beginning, I was just too tired to think about food.  Now, I'm just too busy.  My daughter is eating solids, so dinnertime is a bit easier but I still end up leaving much of my food on my plate because after a few bites, she wants to get out of her chair and get back to exploring.  I guess I'm inadvertently following the 'leave half your food on the plate' diet without even trying.

My solution to healthy eating post-pregnancy is pretty simple:  Don't allow junk in your house to start.  It's way too easy to grab a cookie when the hunger strikes and they're sinfully easy to stuff in your mouth when you're on the run.  My weakness is gummie fruit snacks.  If they're in the house, I will finish a box in one sitting.  Therefore, I only allow myself to eat them at the movies.  Instead, I stock the house with granola bars, stashing them in my diaper bag with the hope that they'll satisfy my hunger when I'm out and about.  It doesn't always work because I'm a sucker for a good cherry limeade and you just can't get one without an order of tots, and then you might as well get the meal, right?  Those days, I don't beat myself up about it and I enjoy my limeade and my tots because I know it's not an everyday thing.

I've been blessed with really good eating habits and I really don't crave junk food.  Additionally, it really helps to remind myself that because I'm nursing, what I eat goes into my daughter's body too.  I want to set her up for success and you can't start instilling those positive habits too early.  Therefore, I enjoy my 'sometimes' foods, stock up on my 'always' foods and remember that each day is a new chance to be better than I was yesterday.