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Did I Mention I’m A Guy?

There are a lot of things I’m more qualified to write about than what you will read in this space.

For instance… well… just about everything you could think of is something I’m probably more qualified to write about than what we’ll be discussing here.

You see… I’m a man. Writing about breastfeeding.

Let’s count the ways I’m not qualified:

I’m a dude.

I don’t have breasts.

I have enough trouble making microwaveable dishes, let alone feeding someone else.

Did I mention I’m a guy?

My wife and I are pregnant with our first child (coming to a world near you on or about June 28!) and plan to breastfeed, so we’ve been watching every TV show and reading every book about the topic.

And I found it a humiliating experience.

There is a sad stereotype of men as disengaged from parenting and incapable of understanding what is going on. So incompetent, in fact, that it’s almost like the world pats men on the head as to say, “Go run along to the electronics store so you don’t hurt yourself with all the thinking involved!”

Here’s the thing: This is my child, too! And I DEEPLY care about the food my wife and I give her. Whether it comes from a can or a… uhh… ”can”… doesn’t matter to me at all.

So, here’s how we can best go through this journey together:

Women – Help me learn! I’m here, I’m involved… help me take the best care of my child.  Also, make sure the men in your life read this. I want to help them help their babies, too.

Men – Know I’m no different than you. Doubting my man-credentials? I worked in boxing and MMA, promoted WWE events, gun shows and classic car shows and broadcasted football, baseball and basketball. I eat beef jerky at an alarming rate and strongly believe Pete Rose belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame (and can give a 20-minute multimedia presentation about it). If I can handle breastfeeding, so can you.

Everyone on board? Good.