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We Need Your Help!

,With two incredible baby showers in the books and the move to our new house just a few weeks away – and the due date in less than a month, my wife and I are finally able to take the time to hammer out some logistics about our new life as parents. We still have a lot of unanswered questions for specifics and need your help!

For several reasons, my wife won’t be able to take a long maternity leave.  We’re looking at just six weeks.  That’s the bad news.

However, her company offers an incredible daycare to employees and we are in a great position on their lengthy waiting list.  That’s the good news.

With our baby at daycare in the same building, it will be easy to breastfeed several times a day – and pump comfortably in her office, as needed. The daycare would be literally a four minute walk and elevator ride from her desk.

Our preference, of course, would be for both of us to hit the pause button on the real world and take as much time as possible with the baby.  Or at least stay home for longer than six weeks.  However, that’s just not an option for us.

Breastfeeding and pumping require a surprising amount of "things."  Special pillows. Special covers for the special pillow. Bottles. Pumps. Burp cloths. Creams.  

And here are our questions for you, experienced parents (please leave answers in the comments section…we need your advice!):

  1. Is it better to lug the "stuff" to and from the office every day, or double-up on certain things and have a set each for home and office?
  2. How did you get comfortable enough at the office to pump or feed?
  3. Did you have any issues with your boss and/or co-workers?
  4. How did your baby adapt to breastfeeding in a new and unusual place?

Naturally, I’ll update you in this space on what we decide…but your advice will go a long way!