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The Panel of Dads, Part 2

Welcome to Part II of our Panel of Dads! 

I’ve solicited breastfeeding advice from three fathers from around the United States to take a look at how different men approach breastfeeding. Joining me on the panel are:

  • Jeff: Father of a newborn from Boston, MA
  • Richie: Father of two (3 and 6) from Fort Worth, TX
  • Michael: Father of two (4 and 2) from Berkley Heights, NY

Here’s what they had to say:

Question 5 – Did you feel left out when your wife was breastfeeding?
Jeff, Richie and Michael all said they didn’t feel left out of the bonding between mother and child that comes from feeding.
I’m liking the solidarity here!

Question 6 – What is your #1 breastfeeding tip for dads?

  • "Make it fun and sing the booby buffet song." – Jeff
  • "If you are grossed-out at the thought/act of breastfeeding, get over it and remember, it's for the baby. As a father and husband, your wants come second to your wife and kids' needs. Period." – Richie
  • "Know that it can be extremely frustrating in the beginning, and most women fear that they will not be able to breastfeed. That, coupled with the hormonal changes after giving birth can make the first couple of days extremely difficult for a new mother. Be patient and be a calming influence to help her through the struggle." – Michael


I can’t thank these three gentlemen for participating in this panel.  And even more than participation, I greatly appreciate their honesty here.  They’ve opened up into a world us guys don’t generally discuss.

It looks like I’ve got three different, but equally fantastic, role models for dads.  

So, dads and dads to be – read what they have to say…they’ve got a lot of experience with this!

Moms and moms to be – don’t be afraid to show this to your partner.  Show them that there are real men dishing out real advice about the very real topic of breastfeeding.