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Dad the Babywearer

So, new dads, feeling like you aren’t getting a lot of attention around town?  Everyone either fussing over your baby or checking on your wife? Do you want people to look at YOU?  Well, have I got the solution for you! It’s so simple and easy and, for just a short while, it makes you (almost) the center of attention. All it takes is one step and one step only: Wear your baby!

There are plenty of baby carriers on the market, all of which allow your baby to rest comfortably curled up on your chest as you run errands, go for a walk, or even visit friends and family.

I did just that with Hava as we took her first trip to Target a few weeks ago.

We went as a family, but Marisa wanted some time to walk around the store to stretch her legs, since it was one of her first trips out not a) pregnant or b) carrying the baby in nearly a year.

So I volunteered to take Hava around the store and handle all of our shopping.  And the best way to shop with the baby was to use one of those baby carriers.

We stood in the parking lot, as it took both of us to get the wrap tied on properly, as curious people walked by, eyebrows raised, looking at us.  We laughed it off, and Marisa even made a joke about how I could easily pick up women using my baby as “chick-bait.”  

But I was precisely instructed not to do that.  What a buzzkill, my wife! :--)

With Hava properly secured, we had our first Daddy/Daughter Shopping Extravaganza!

Moving from department to department, we attracted double- and triple-takes.  Nobody was used to seeing a man wear a baby, and especially not in the pet supply section of Target.

I kept my head up and eyes forward, but I could hear people, ranging from teenage girls to older women, ooh and ahh over a sleeping baby.  Others chuckled.  And some just walked on by.

I was most intrigued by the ones who chuckled.  I think I would have been one of them until I tried it.  While a man wearing an infant really isn’t something you see everyday, I found it empowering and strangely masculine, as paternal instincts kick into overdrive when your baby is fastening tightly around you.  

I obviously can’t breastfeed and we haven’t started using a bottle, so wearing Hava is our special way to bond… no matter what people around town think of it.