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5 Questions Every Travelling Parent Must Answer

Everybody wants to spend time with our baby.

It’s no longer about us – nobody really wants to see me and my wife.

They only want to see little Hava during the holiday season. We’re just the ornaments on the tree that is our baby. (We’re Jewish, so if that analogy doesn’t quite fit, please forgive me.)

With family in two different areas of the country, that leaves us with some tough decisions to make – not just this year, but every year.

We have to decide whose family to spend each holiday with. No matter what we choose, we are upsetting someone. So that kinda stinks.

But I want to discuss the week-long trip we are facing when we fly to Texas to visit my wife’s family later this year.

There are five major questions we are trying to figure out in advance of the December trip:

1) Do we stay with family or get a hotel? A hotel would give us more private space, but staying with family allows for better milk storage and the ability to have visitors come to us.

2) How packed do we make our schedule? Traditionally, when we visit my wife’s family, we are on the go for most of the day. With the baby, we will need to slow down our pace and build in naptime.

3) Will my wife still have enough milk? Our current plan is to try to keep the supply strong until after this trip. But we know several new moms that are struggling with milk already, which makes lasting another two months a potentially-daunting task.

4) How can we properly clean and dry bottles? This may be semi-related to #1, but we have perfected our system for washing and drying pumping and feeding bottles. No matter where we stay, we will have to create a new system with fewer resources than we have at home.

5) How can we prepare for everything that could happen? We have a houseful of toys, gadgets, creams, balms, blankets, nappies, washcloths, brushes and more that help us deal with the zillions of unexpected situations babies put you in every day. Replicating that on the road is nearly impossible.

What about you? What challenges have you faced on the road with a baby?