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Feeding Amongst Family

When Hava was first born, we had dozens of extended family members and friends come in and out of our house.  (I should also mention that we moved into a new house less than a week before she was born. It’s been a crazy year. 

When it was time for Hava to eat, and, to be honest, when she was first born, it was ALWAYS time for her to eat, my wife had a choice to make. Would she feed in the common areas of the house, surrounded by friends and family, or go into the bedroom?

The answer changed on a regular basis, and included several factors, including:

- Who was in the house?

- Who was expected to come to the house in the next 20 minutes?

- How tired was everyone?

- How was my wife feeling at that moment?

Basically, it was an inexact science.

She was more likely to feed in public areas when it was just close family women in the house, no company expected and she didn’t feel like climbing up the stairs.

Obviously, the vast majority of these situations were in our home.

Now, with the holidays approaching, we’ll be attending events at other people’s houses and public places, making feeding a major concern.

Our plan going into the holidays comes down to one word: preparation.

My wife has several tops that make breastfeeding quite easy and discreet. She’ll be wearing those when we go out for holiday events. She also has a large cover “smock” that makes it easy to sit in a corner or at a table.

But I think the easiest, and most important, tip for breastfeeding around the holidays is identifying private areas as soon as you enter a home or public place. It is not rude at all to ask the host for an appropriate room to hide out in.

Wanting privacy may have very little to do with “whipping it out” in front of others. Many times, baby will need quiet to focus on the eating task at hand.

The bottom line is to create an environment you and baby are comfortable in for feedings, whether you are at home or away, alone or with friends and family.