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Translating Holiday Traditions

Over the course of our relationship, my wife and I have created a bunch of holiday-season traditions. Some of them come from my side, some come from her’s – and now we are trying to figure out which ones will continue now that we have a child.

Some of our favorites, and how we plan to continue them as a family:

Gingerbread House: …but with a twist. We’ve done funny, relevant, themed houses. Last year was the Ginger Shore, complete with The Gingeration, Ginooki, and a hot tub. This takes the better part of a full day, so we’ve been unable to do one this year.

How We Can Continue It: This year may be a loss, but in 12 months, Hava will be old enough to really engage with this project. She should be able to help us build and decorate the house. Who knows, we may do Ginger Sesame Street!

Christmas Movie Marathon: On Christmas Day, we do a triple-header at the movies, meticulously plotting the day to make sure we can get all the hits that everyone wants to see. In order to keep costs down, we sneak snacks in with us. (Friendly Note: Don’t do two depressing movies back-to-back on Christmas – not fun! Also, to make this the perfect day, top off the movies with some Chinese food!)

How We Can Continue It: Yeesh, this will be difficult. I see a few options ahead, including leaving her with grandparents for the day and making it a RENTAL movie marathon. Hopefully down the road we can make this a larger family tradition and make it fun for all. In reality, that’s a decade away.

Holiday Treats: Our co-workers, dog-walkers and other important people have received homemade baked goods in fun holiday packaging for years. It’s something we enjoy doing for those we care about. It may be a small thing, but it reminds us that the season is about giving, not getting.

How We Can Continue It: I bought all the supplies today! It’s going to be a blast! While this year’s project will likely take place after Hava’s bedtime, the hope is that we can ALL work on it together in the near future.

How about you? What long-standing traditions do you have during the holiday season?