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Dads, Step-Up This Holiday Season

The holiday season is an awesome time.

Between treats and trips, gatherings and parties, it’s a hectic, yet fun, part of the year.

Toss in a baby, let alone a breastfed baby, and busy becomes challenging.

Dads, this is a critical period for us. We can either step up or stumble. And mom will remember what we do, trust me.

One of the best ways to raise your game is to provide major emotional support.

The sprint is over. With pregnancy, it was a finite period of time. Chances are you were sleeping more and brimming with excitement for what’s ahead. For 40 weeks, you can keep your cool and be supportive. But you’ve entered the marathon of parenting now. Being a good partner – kind, understanding, forgiving – is more important than ever, especially during the holiday season.

Here’s your four-step guide to providing perfect emotional support:

  1. This may be the first time she’s seen a lot of friends and family for a while. She is definitely conscious about her body, since it probably very different than it was two holiday seasons ago. [Figuring she was pregnant this time last year.]  Remind her how exquisite she is.
  2. Parties are fantastic, right? How would you like to spend this time around your friends, but not be able to really talk to them? It would be torture! I see so many dads that let mom handle the baby so they can go enjoy the evening. Bad move, bud. Split the on-site babysitting to let her catch-up with friends and decompress a bit.
  3. Staying at the party: It was fun when she was pregnant to drink heavily and let her be the designated driver. It’s harder to justify it when she’s breastfeeding. Drink in moderation. You’ll be following Rule #2 above, so you can’t get too bombed, my friend.
  4. This may not classify as 100% emotional, but moms have to eat much better during the holiday season so they can provide the best nutrition for the baby. Keeping the house junk-food-free may be too daunting a challenge, but do everything you can to keep healthy options around at all times. And be an active participant in the better eating, too.