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A Tiny Nursing Strike

We hit a big milestone this week -- Skylar turned 3 months old. We've had highs and lows and I am so glad that I am breastfeeding this child. While everything is so much better, we had another issue pop up this week. I was floored when Skylar had a very short-lived, yet stressful, nursing strike.

While I think he's a little young for that, he spent most of that day refusing to nurse on either side. From mid-morning to early evening, he kept screaming and refused to latch on.

Why did he refuse to nurse? He was super gassy and it made me wonder if it was something I ate. If it happens again, I'll try food elimination. A couple days before we had this problem, Skylar was fussy about nursing on my left side. I wasn't sure why, so I just started having him start on the right side and figured he would get with the program.

I have to admit that with Skylar crying most of the day, I was upset myself. My first child, Ben, had a nursing strike when he was 4 months old, so Skylar's refusing to breastfeed really struck a nerve, bringing back bad memories. I was really praying that this wasn't the case with Skylar.

On Tuesday, I looked it up in the Nursing Mother's Companion and tweeted about it. A pregnant friend responded that she was under the impression that it got easier with time. I answered that it was completely worth it and that it does get easier -- around 6:30 that night, he finally latched on and was back to nursing normally. Disaster averted.

But that doesn't mean that sometimes we won't have bad days here and there, even in the midst of excellent progress.

So, despite our "tough day," I consider nursing to be going well.