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Thanksgiving Rocked, but We're Still Not Sleeping Well

This year, besides being very thankful for my family, I am very thankful for being able to nurse my baby boy.

We finally had our first big family occasion, Thanksgiving, at my parents' house. It went amazingly well and I'm thankful for that as well.

I had planned how I was going to handle it: I was going to nurse but also bring expressed breastmilk if I had any extra time to pump before we left. I ended up having no time to pump so I didn't bring any milk with us. The unexpected upside of that was I didn't need to drag bottles and a cooler along.

I did bring other breastfeeding accessories with me. For comfortable positioning, I brought my favorite nursing pillow with me. I wore a nursing dress to reduce the amount of skin exposed but also a nursing cover even though I prefer not to use it because I can never manage it so my nursing clothes actually cover me up. My nursing station was my mom's living room couch, where I nursed my boy twice (before and after dinner).

While Thanksgiving marked one significant milestone for me and Skylar, we have yet to meet the one where we both get the sleep we need.

During the day, he'll only sleep when I'm nursing him, and he wakes up as soon as I put him down.

Night isn't good either. Skylar, when he actually does sleep, will start off the night in the co-sleeper and come into the bed with me to nurse. My little gerryrig of the sleep positioner and waterproof pad is working nicely, allowing me to nurse in bed. But when he's finished, he doesn't want to go into the co-sleeper again. I'm still nursing most of the night. When he gets really fussy, we'll go out in to our den to the recliner so we don't wake up my husband. As much as I don't want to, I'm wondering when I'm going to crack and put Skylar in his own room. And how we'll handle our late night and early morning feedings without co-sleeping.