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Twitter Keeps Me Going

A large part of my breastfeeding success has been due to support from my online peers. Specifically, I feel I get the most direct support from Twitter. I like that it's a little more anonymous: I can ask questions or tweet about problems or issues we're having. And occasionally I can even tweet that Skylar and I are having a really good day.

Except for the annoying people who keep spamming about "breastpumps for nursing mothers," I feel a camaraderie with moms in the same position. I love hearing about other moms' experiences too: their successes and disappointments. I've also worked with some amazing companies and public relation representatives, many of which are companies that make breastfeeding aids, who also fill out my Twitter cheering section.

Facebook is a little different. It can be supportive for other aspects of parenting but since it's not anonymous at all, I don't post on my wall about my breastfeeding experiences. It's too public and I know that some of my friends, especially male friends and relatives, aren't going to want to hear about it. But discussing breastfeeding or reading information on organizations or companies' walls is much better. For example, I love going on Best For Babes Facebook page and hearing about other people's experiences. They ask a daily question and it's fascinating to read as many as 100 responses. Kellymom has a very active and supportive Facebook community too.

I have had some support offline from peers, mostly women I run into while breastfeeding in public and certain friends. My friends are awesome, but they aren't in the trenches with me. Either their kids are much older than Skylar and not breastfeeding or they haven't had kids yet. I think it would be a lot better if I had a moms group that I could spend time with but it's hard finding the time to even find a group. The moms group I belonged to when my first child, Ben, was an infant was terrific and an incredible source of support.

The feeling that you aren't in it alone makes all the difference and right now I mostly get that from Twitter. But hopefully Skylar and I will find a support group offline soon to add to that.