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New Year's Breastfeeding Resolutions

Nancy holds baby SkylarMy top New Year's breastfeeding resolution is to nurse my baby at least a year and even longer if that's what he wants. Skylar is about to hit 5-months-old and I think we can easily make seven more months. I started out with a goal of six months, but since we're almost there, it's time for the next goal of six more. After that, I'm prepared to go on, if that's what Skylar wants!

I'm realistic and know that my milk supply could go down or Skylar just may not be as interested as he starts solids, but I have to be an optimist about it. It is related to my next Breastfeeding Resolution – which is to keep my milk supply up. I've worked hard to get it where it is now.

I was told two summers ago that I have PCOS, but they've never confirmed it (you can't really). So, when Skylar was born, because of the PCOS and the milk supply problems I had with my first two kids, I drank a lot of Mother's Milk Tea and took fenugreek and More Milk Plus supplements. And I did see my supply go up. But most importantly, I nurse on demand which is about every hour and a half to two hours.

I had also wanted to eliminate caffeine since it can affect the baby but I'm finding that I can't function without it so I'm back to one cup a day. I had also been trying to wear softcup bras to reduce my chances at developing plugged ducts. But the reality is that I'm a DD so when I leave the house now, I put on an underwire nursing bra -- otherwise we're talking "Saggytown."

In order to maintain my milk supply, I've started taking fenugreek and drinking the tea again. So, let's ring in 2111 – I hope I make this year a milky one!