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My Secret Addiction

There's a new reality TV show about object obsessions and though my obsession is not as weird or harmful to my health as the addictions on the show (like sleeping with a hair dryer or eating laundry detergent – yes, really), it's presenting somewhat of a challenge.

I'm addicted to my nursing pillow. I absolutely love it. A friend recommended it right before my second child was born three years ago. I never really liked the two popular nursing pillows on the market, so I was pleased to discover this one. It's "L" shaped, large and very firm – not mushy like bed pillows can be. I love how comfortable we both are when we nurse with it.

There are three places I nurse in my apartment: the recliner in the den, the living room couch and on my bed (either lying down or sitting up). Combined with elevating my feet with either a nursing stool or the footrest on the recline, it's nursing bliss!

It's also bordering on dependence. I'm so addicted to the pillow that unless I'm nursing Skylar lying down in bed, I can't nurse at home without it. Bed pillows don't provide the same support and the pillows on the couch don't prop the baby up enough. At home, it's not a big deal because I tote my nursing pillow from room to room and everyone in my home – even my 3-year-old – knows to bring me the pillow when it's Skylar's mealtime.

But when we leave home, I'm at a loss! How do I nurse and support Skylar's body without it?

We've spent two long days out of the house in the last few weeks – both times at my parents' house, so it wasn't a big deal to bring the pillow. The few other times (like when I take my almost 3-year-old to a gym class), I've tried a combo of leaning on my diaper bag or balling up my jacket to support the baby. It's okay, but not an ideal solution.

So I turn to you... how do you deal with the absence of a nursing pillow or your comfy chair when you nurse your baby away from your home?