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Baby's First Plane Ride

Traveling with a two-month-old is so much more of a treat than I ever would have imagined. My husband and I took a cross-country flight with Sammy so that we could visit his grandparents (my parents) before my husband goes back to work. The whole time leading up to the trip we were questioning whether or not it was the right thing to do. Sammy's doctor gave him clearance to go; he had already gotten his first vaccines. His doctor told us to make sure that Sammy was nursing during take off and landing. Being a nursing mom made this trip so easy. As my mother said, "have breast, will travel."

There were a number of families with small babies on our flight. Sammy was the youngest (and best-behaved) and had the fewest accessories. Each family had toys, snacks, changes of clothes, bottles, formula containers, etc. Our Sammy just had his mom and dad and one small colorful toy to keep him entertained during the flight. I used a Moby Wrap (which I highly recommend) to keep him in a tight embrace on my chest. He slept for most of the flight and was a happy baby during his awake time. We got so many compliments of what a wonderful and beautiful baby he is which we graciously appreciated. Having such a wonderful baby is a treat and a blessing.

We learned that now is the time to travel. My brother has told me that traveling gets harder and harder as their kids get bigger and bigger. It becomes challenging to keep them occupied for the duration of the flight. They become cranky and bored with the confining surroundings of the airplane. At two months, the airplane probably seems like a whole new world, new smells, new sounds, new things to look at. Then again, at two months the whole world seems like a whole new world. It is truly a wonder to see the world through Sammy's eyes. As my small family entered the airport my husband and I were prepared to be completely annoyed just as we always are with air travel. We became immediately entranced with Sammy's curious eyes soaking everything in and we realized how wonderful it all seems to him. This trip was anything but our typical air travel experience.

Sammy is popular no matter where he goes and, by proxy, his father and I become popular. Waiting in line at airport security becomes just another opportunity to show him off. Being packed like sardines in the airplane's seats becomes another opportunity to hold Sammy close and tightly. In every situation that had previously been a burden Sammy's presence turns it into a loving, exciting moment that fills our hearts with joy. Perhaps the greatest moment of our travels was nursing Sammy on the airplane. Sammy and I sat in the window seat. When he awoke ready to eat I happily unclipped my nursing tank and latched him onto my breast. He ate looking down on the world watching as we flew above the clouds. What an inspiration, what a joy.

Our son has surprised us everyday. His pure innocence and curiosity continues to fill us with strength and love. When the middle of the night feedings wear me ragged and he cries for longer than I would have thought possible I look to these moments of wonder and amazement. I try to see the world as he sees it and for the first time in this past week, he saw it from above.

My husband and I just booked a trip to the Caribbean for my birthday coming up in a couple more months. Stay tuned for how travel with a four-month-old compares with travel with a two-month-old.