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Third Trimester Nutrition

You enter that final stretch of pregnancy --- the third trimester --- full of energy, but as your body continues to grow and change you may start to feel new aches and pains.  Many moms start to feel a bit tired of being pregnant by this point, but weeks 29-40 can be important ones, nutritionally, so it is good to have a guide to get you through it feeling in optimal shape by the time your baby is born.

The third trimester is the point when your baby is really starting to gain some body fat, so it is important to eat well so that there is energy left for you.  You should expect to gain 1 lb per week at this point, by consuming approximately 300 extra calories each day.  You want these calories to be packed with nutrition, so go for a serving of protein (fish, meat, beans, nuts) and a serving of carbohydrates (whole grains, root vegetables, fruit).  Continue to consume plenty of vegetables, which are packed with minerals and vitamins.  Don’t forget your prenatal multi-vitamin, as well as plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

With a growing baby pushing on your stomach you may find that eating 6 to 8 small meals a day is easier than eating three large meals.  So, snacking well is key. And keep a water bottle or some non-caffeinated beverage close by for sips throughout the day.  This way you stay satisfied and hydrated without adding to your feeling of fullness.