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Focus on Post-partum Nutrition 2-12 months

Losing pregnancy weight is a common concern for new moms.  In order to stay energized and feeling your best along the way and achieve long term success, here are a few simple guidelines.

Please don't start counting calories too soon.  Your body has gone through quite a feat and it requires vitamins and minerals (as well as calories) to recover from pregnancy, labour and delivery.  Give yourself time to recover.  A general guideline is to wait until after your post-partum 6 week check-up before even considering weight loss.  Nursing moms are encouraged to wait at least 2 full months.   Restricting foods too soon after giving birth can delay your much needed recovery and leave you feeling tired -- at a time in your life when you need to find energy.

If you are breastfeeding, severely limiting calories can have a negative effect on your milk supply.  You may also find that breastfeeding your baby naturally gives you an opportunity to lose weight naturally.  Be realistic about how long it can take you to feel like you have your body back, and remember that your post baby body is likely going to be different from your pre-baby body. 

And, finally, we all know that the best "diet" plans are the ones that are life-long habits.  Eat well, rest when you can, and focus on what your body requires for optimal health -- not your jean size -- and you will find that you look and feel great.