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5 Tips for Winning the Battle of the Boob

Welcome to my first blog on my boobs. Yes, I’m now baring my breasts and it’s all for this little angel (demonstrating her “milk drunk” face).

A good friend suggested I write a blog about my experience breastfeeding. This was before Siena was born and I immediately said no. There was no way I was going to talk about my boobs in public. Guess who changed her mind?

So here I am, baring my breasts to the internet world with my top tips to successful breastfeeding:

1) Expect the worst, hope for the best

My sister-in-law was unable to breastfeed and was devastated. She told me it’d be hard but I had to try. This was a challenge, but looking back it was the best advice I had gotten because from that conversation on, I was determined I would be victorious. That attitude helped me get through the first five days, which to me was the hardest. If I had expected it to be easy I wouldn’t have kept going because it’s not.

2) Educate yourself
YouTube videos were my education. It is weird to watch another woman pulling out her breast but it helps so much to have this image in your head of how to do it. I know it should be easy, boob to baby = suck. Nope, it’s not that easy. I went to YouTube and searched for “breastfeeding.”

3) Tell your nurses that you want to breastfeed your baby with confidence before you leave hospital!
I told my nurses that I wanted to try breastfeeding but had heard that it’d be hard. They took control after that, but if your nurses don’t take control, keep telling them you need help. What do I mean by control? Well, the top tip the nurse told me was that you can request to stay in hospital until you have breastfeeding down. I did that and stayed an extra night. It was well worth it. I believe I would not be breastfeeding now without the nurses’ help.

4) Get a boobie coach.
This is my favorite tip. They’re called lactation consultant (but boobie coach is so cute). I had heard you could get someone to come to your house after you’ve had a baby and teach you the ropes but I never really knew how it all works. Well, it’s easy and I suggest every new mother trying to breastfeed do it. Ask your doctor for a recommendation, that’s how I found Tracy. It was $175 for a 2 hour initial visit (typically you have to submit the bill to your insurance and wait for reimbursement). The best part is you get to have your coach’s phone number and call her from that point on whenever you have a question. I had so many questions for Tracy that she ended up coming out to my house two more times. Another tip, if you buy your breastfeeding supplies through your lactation nurse, this also goes through your insurance and you can use your flexible spending account for the purchases.  This is really good if you’re thinking of investing in a breast pump as they can be quite expensive.

5) Buy some nursing bras: make sure they’re sexy AND solid!
You’ll need a nursing bra from day one, actually you’ll need 3-5 at the least. You live in these things so you better like them. I’ve bought and tried quite a few types but the best brand I’ve found are from Bravado. They have the two qualities which I need. They look sexy but have no lumps and are solid so they hide my nursing pads (things you put in your bra incase you leak a little). My favorite of all time is a nursing tank, it’s a must-have. It covers your stomach if you want to lift up your top to feed your baby rather than pulling down your top and you can wear it around the house without feeling naked. I wore it at the hospital and didn’t need to cover up when visitors came.

There you go my top 5 tips revealed. Just know we’re all here for you to help you try and win the battle of the boob! I’d love to hear what you think of my tips and any tips you have too. Go team boobies!!!