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Little Victories: 6 Ways to create and celebrate small successes

Little Victories: 6 Ways to create and celebrate small successes

Sure, we go all-out for the big milestones like graduations and anniversaries, but acknowledging the small successes is equally important when you’re a new mom. Why? Celebrating “little victories” like the first good latch, nursing in public or finding meaningful alone time with your partner boosts your confidence and comfort levels in a time that can be a bit overwhelming (Okay: crazy.) That’s why Bravado loves the idea of Little Victories. Check out these tips and videos from six real-life parents about how they created and celebrated their own little victories.


1. Plan for success

According to Bravado research, only 17% of women feel very comfortable nursing in public.

Real mom tip : Plan ahead so you have what you need to feel comfortable nursing in various situations, such as a beautiful shawl or your favorite nursing tank.


2. Find three minutes

Life is busy, but me-time is definitely okay.

Real mom tip: Think quick and easy. Light a candle with a fragrance you love, brew a cup of really good tea or coffee, listen to your favorite hear-me-roar song. Even a few minutes can make a big difference.


3. Connect as a couple

Reinvent the date night concept!

Real mom tip: Time together doesn’t have to be dinner and a movie. It can be working out together while the kids nap or taking a morning walk if that’s when a sitter is available. Refresh, recharge, reconnect.


4. It takes two

More than 85% of moms consider their partner’s support very or extremely important to their breastfeeding success.

Real dad tip: The hours and days after you give birth a blur, to say the least. If you have a lactation consultant appointment, make sure to include your partner so you both have a chance to learn tricks and technique. Dads tend to remember the “football hold”!


5. Create a “pamper box”

The no-frills approach is of course totally acceptable, but lots of women like the boost that a favorite beauty product brings.

Real mom tip : Tuck a few of your go-to products—a great tinted lip balm, a luxe hand lotion— into a small zippered bag so they are easily accessible when you have a couple minutes for a little pampering.


6. Have baby, will travel

A Bravado survey of 1,000 new moms showed that only about a third of women are extremely comfortable about breastfeeding while traveling with a baby under a year old.

Real mom tip: Flying with baby? Wear a nursing tank for comfortable coverage and use a soft carrier to keep your baby calm and close.