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The Bliss nursing bra: My super-cute combo

The Bliss nursing bra: My super-cute combo

Meghan, mom of three: 5-month-old daughter, 5-year-old son and 6-year old daughter

Meghan’s story:

The Bliss Nursing Bra is my all-time favorite bra: nursing or non-nursing in a 36 B/C. It’s like a super-cute combo of a sports bra and an everyday bra.

I love that it has a conversion kit to change the straps so I don’t have to give it up when I stop nursing.


What worked for me:


It is so nice to wear an attractive bra while nursing. Most nursing bras are ugly but Bravado bras are comfortable and cute. They make your breasts look perky and smooth, and they hide nursing pads so well.


Mom-to-mom advice:

Get the right fit. Another mom at my kids’ school told me about Bravado—I wish I’d known about it with my first two kids! I went for a fitting when my daughter was six-weeks old. I loved how the fitters helped with tightening the straps and showing me where the bra should sit on my ribs.


When I went for my fitting I was wearing the first nursing bra I ever bought—it was six-years old and stretched to an unrecognizable size. I actually threw it away right then and there and wore the Bliss home.


While nursing, I do just about everything: help the kids with homework, make macaroni and cheese, eat dinner or crochet a scarf.