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Best nursing bras for larger sizes

Bravado mom story: Best Nursing Bra for Larger Sizes

Sari Gerskup, mom to seven-month-old son

Sari’s story

I got my Bravado bras about four months after my baby was born and was surprised at the size because I have lost about 75lbs since giving birth but my bra size hasn’t fluctuated at all. Here was my best fit in a larger, plus size:
Essential Nursing Tank in a 42 F/G—I wanted support without having to necessarily wear a bra.

Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Brain 40 H/I Got this to counteract the “uniboob” that many other nursing bras give those of us who are heavy-chested.

What worked for me:

I love the support and the quality…Bravado bras are by far the best-quality nursing bras out there! I usually wash them overnight so I can wear them again the next day.
The pumping bra, which is still in design and was given to me by the design team when I went to Bravado for a fitting, changed my nursing because I can pump and nurse at the same time. Moms are all about utilizing time with their babies, and this pumping bra definitely helped me accomplish that.

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Mom-to-mom advice

Get fitted often because you never want your chest to be under-supported.

Go-to nursing snack

Granola bars!  I always have some to go in the diaper bag pocket.


While breastfeeding, I catch up on shows I’ve recorded and check out my phone.