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Beverley Mitchell

“It’s (motherhood) changed me in the best and craziest ways. It’s slowed me down to enjoy every moment.”

Beverley Mitchell

It’s not often you read quotes from an actress and feel like you’d be fast friends, but take in a few of Beverley Mitchell’s gems on motherhood (to her daughter Kenzie and impending baby), and we promise – you’ll get it. Here are a few of our faves:

“Everyone is always waiting to be so far in their career [to get pregnant], to have this amount of money, to travel the world or this or that. The reality is you will always find some reason that you can’t do something.” – People

“It was love at first sight,” she said about seeing her daughter for the first time. “There is something I can’t describe from the moment that I fell madly in love with her.” – People

“I fully embrace mommyhood to another level where all I want to do is be a parent. I think what’s been surprising is just how natural and how amazing it is, and how I don’t really want to do anything else.” – People

“It’s changed me in the best and craziest ways. It’s slowed me down to enjoy every moment. To really take a look at what’s important in life, who’s important, and value the time I spend with people.” – US Magazine

“I want to do things that she can watch and I can be proud of. The best and most important role in my life is being a mom.” – US Magazine

Style notes: Beverley’s style is as likeable as she is. Look for high/low pieces that can be layered and paired with accessories to boost their chic factor, and keep nursing comfortable with our Bliss, Allure and Body Silk Seamless bras, all of which she’s a huge fan!