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Labor of Love: Introducing the
Petal-Soft™ Collection

Softness without compromise

Our softest fabric yet. Modern, yet feminine designs. And function to take you around the clock. It’s time - we’re ready to introduce you to our labor of love.

Why we made these

Our moms were looking for all-day, all-night comfort while pregnant or nursing – without having to give up style for function!

What we created

A capsule collection of two complementary nursing bra essentials to take pregnant and nursing moms from morning to night, and night to morning. And repeat.

What you can expect

  • Luxurious, super soft fabric (also known as our new Petal-Soft™ fabric)
  • Modern, simple and clean silhouettes
  • Thoughtful attention to detail (think: rose gold details and stripes)

From A.M. to P.M.: Buttercup and Ballet Nursing Bra Duo

The Buttercup Nursing Bra combines the ultimate softness, the perfect amount of stretch and a size range that fits up to an H-cup! Paired with a new, modern silhouette and you can consider Buttercup your wear-all-day, might-never-take-you-off, kind of nursing bra!

Which takes us to the Ballet Nursing Bra - where ‘lounge, nurse, sleep, repeat’ is the motto. Softer than soft (you have to touch it to believe it), and easy pull-on styling (no back closure necessary), the Ballet Nursing Bra is the perfect comfortable nursing bra for those long zZz'less nights. Easy pull-away breast access for feeding your little one makes this the ultimate no-fuss, no muss nursing bra. 

    Ready to try the Petal-Soft™ Collection? Mark your calendars for March 1st because softness is around the corner!

    Buttercup Nursing Bra
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    Ballet Nursing Bra
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